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My new paradise

Two years ago I visited Runde for the first time with my camera. Even though I grew up close to this beautiful place I didn’t know that it was this nice. I think I have got a new paradise. This little island almost as far west as you can get in Norway. Runde has only 90 residents, but from February to August more than 500.000 birds nest there. I spent last weekend on the island together with two good friends. We took a lot of photos. Some of the birds I photographed were new to me. Today I will show you some photos of the beautiful landscape, but over the next few days I will post pictures of Atlantic Puffin, White-tailed Eagle, European Shag, Northern Gannet and Great Skua.

We arrived at Runde Friday evening. We rounded up our gear and walked quite fast to “Lundeura” where most of the Atlantic Puffins live. The light was amazing that night, and we got a lot of nice shots. We stayed at “Runde Miljøsenter” which was a very nice place. We used the parkingplace at Goksøyr and started all our trips there.



Goksøyr is the little village at the end of the road. Here is the camping site and the starting point of the trips to the lighthouse and the known hotspots for taking pictures of the birds.



If you are hiking to the lighthouse and are walking along the northern edge you will get a nice view of the lighthouse several times. The view is awesome. Normally you get a lot of chances to take photos of the Great Skua on this hike.


The new lighthouse up to the right, and the old houses to the left, where people lived several years ago when it was necessary with people to manage the lighthouse. Today you can rent the houses.


I understand that you have not been on a trip unless you have a selfie to show for it these days… And here I got my selfie with the nesting place for the birds behind me. I guess it was two meters behind me that the cliffs drop hundred meters down into the ocean.

To visit a place like this with two good friends was a fantastic experience. I just loved it. After long days walking and shooting we made good food and watched football/soccer from Brazil. I’m very thankful for the invitation!


My friend Johannes walking uphill pondering how to get the next amazing photo.


My friend Rune ready to shoot the Northern Gannet close to the lighthouse. Visit his homepage


The shore close to Goksøyr


An amazing view from “Lundeura” Friday night.

I hope you can see that I have a lot of reasons to love my country and particularly the coast. I just can´t get enough of this… 🙂


Posted by bakkesblogg on 23. June 2014

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