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Cotahuasi I

Almost one month ago I went to “El Valle Hermoso”, The Beautiful Valley, in the south of Peru. This was a fantastic trip. Together with two good friends we visited the valley for three days.

After deleting a lot of not-so-good photos I still have six hundred photos left. So I will in several posts show you some of the best.

I have two dreams when we are talking about photography. I want to be a really good wildlife photographer and I want to be a really good landscape photographer. Photography means painting with light. Light is the clue. And all landscape photographers know that you have to work in the golden hour in the morning and in the evening. As a Norwegian I have a lot of experience with beautiful and soft light in the mornings and evenings. But when you are in Peru straight under the equator and in maybe the deepest valley in the world it’s totally different. The light is hard until the sun goes behind the mountains and just a few minutes later it’s quite dark. Because of that I used HDR a lot. I know that some people hate that technique and others love it. I have tried to use it without going overboard. So today I will show you some of my HDR photos from the trip.

I hope you enjoy it!












Posted by bakkesblogg on 14. May 2013

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